Almight AVG Engine – Adventure game engine compatible with smartphones

スマホ対応HTML5アドベンチャーゲームエンジン - Almight

Almight AVG Platform
Almight is a game engine optimized for adventure games constructed in HTML5.
The engine is still under development, but you can try it on iOS and Android devices.

Features and operation

All you need is a browser
The Almight game engine is constructed in HTML5. Simply by clicking a URL, it operates on HTML5-compatible browsers on various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac. No installation is necessary. (*1)

Upload a game file to a location of your choice and anyone can play it without installing the game.

*1 There are some limitations to sound and movie if you play an Almight game on the default browser for iOS and Android.

All-in-one smartphone app
More useful with app for smartphones
Access game files via smartphone by installing our exclusive viewer for easier game operation and management.

Downloading a game onto the viewer allows you to play the game even if you are not connected to the internet. Using the native API of iOS/Android OS, it achieves better performance with no limitation to its functions, irrespective of the operational environment.

Compatible with touch gestures
The engine supports multi-touch gestures on touch devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

By default, the interface supports various multi-touch gestures, i.e. long press dictates skip and sliding up a finger dictates displaying history. You can also assign a gesture to a function of your choice.

GPU acceleration
On a browser that supports GPU acceleration (*2), Almight automatically switches to animation rendering using GPUs to achieve smooth movements.

*2 IE9, Firefox, Google Chrome, iOS Mobile Safari, Chrome for Android, etc.

Development without a hitch
Compatibility with KiriKiri/KAG
Compatibility with KiriKiri/KAG
The engine has a high compatibility with the scenario scripting language of KiriKiri/KAG (KiriKiri Adventure Game System), a popular scripting engine among creators of visual novels and adventure games in Japan.

If you are familiar with Kirikiri/KAG, you can reuse older resources and write a script for Almight games just as you do for KiriKiri.

  • Not compatible with TJS2. Some modifications may be necessary if you control KAG directly by scripting.

Templates for basic functions

Almight offers interfaces uniquely designed for each platform that include essential functions such as save, load, gallery and replay mode.

Modifying some parameters allows you to customize and personalize the interface such as items in settings in the configuration.

Interfaces are provided as templates and you can redesign them with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  • Presented images are still under development

jQuery + JavaScript
The engine is developed using jQuery, a powerful library of JavaScript. Thus you can freely introduce jQuery plug-ins of your choice.

It is easy to control Almight by JavaScript and create a game with higher quality and greater flexibility.

Design with GUI
You can construct various GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) such as display for save, load, gallery and replay mode by editing a single HTML file.

Adjust and finish up presentations with an HTML editor of your choice.

Conversion Tool
We are developing a special tool that ports KiriKiri games into Almight games. With this tool, you can easily make an existing KiriKiri game into a cross-platform game.

Development tools
You can debug and verify your game with developer tools that come with Google Chrome and Safari, or with Firebug add-ons that comes with Firefox.

Also, we plan to create an exclusive tool for creating and debugging Almight games.


The engine is in an early phase of development. We are developing it in response to needs and requests from game creators.
We plan to start publishing Almight games ported from existing games for Windows in early summer.
If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us.

Q. Do you plan to make the Almight game engine available to the public?
A. We plan to publish a platform where users can convert KiriKiri/KAG games to Almight games directly by the autumn of 2012.

Q. I’d like to know more about the possibility of enhancing its features and customization. Is it usable for games other than adventure genre?
A. We plan to implement a system that can add features in plug-in format.
We may consider further customizability in the future, as we prioritize the development of the main software.

Q. Does it come with DRM?
A. The system encrypts the scenario component. There are plans to broaden the scope of encryption to other elements such as images, voice and music.

Q. I want a function to be integrated into the engine…
A. Please feel free to contact us.